Reptile Encounter a snap-tacular success

You’re supposed to never smile at a crocodile but there was plenty of big grins at the KidsWish School Holiday Reptile Encounter.

KidsWish House at Flinders hosted the snap-tacular event with around 60 children and their families treated to a fun time getting up close and personal with some new amphibious friends.

The Dragon Training Mobile Zoo brought along a range of reptiles for the kids to hold if they were particularly brave or touch if that was as close as they wanted to get.

There were baby crocodiles (with their jaws sealed), snakes, lizards, dragons and frogs carefully taken around the room by their expert handlers.

The kids also played amphibian-themed games in the sports hall, enjoyed a BBQ lunch and were treated to a surprise visit from “Croccy” the mascot, the one reptile who was allowed to roam free on the day.

These free events provide a safe and supportive environment for KidsWish families to be able to socially engage and experience new activities.


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