Dapto Respite House

Respite is a much-needed service for families we support, and important for kids to have a break from their parents too! Finding appropriate respite for young kids and teenagers can be a challenge, especially for different levels of needs and services required. 

The Disability Trust is pleased to announce the opening of our new children’s respite centre in Dapto, opening mid-2023.  

This centre is for children under 18 and is wheelchair accessible, providing quality Short Term Accommodation for kids to enjoy a short stay away from their usual home environment. 

Pictured is an artist impression of the centre. 

Benefits of the centre includes: 

  • Provision of fully supported services that are flexible and designed to accommodate individual’s needs. 
  • Opportunities to work towards personal goals such as increasing independence and building skills. 
  • Person-centred approach, focusing on the individual. 
  • Fully trained staff who bring a high standard of care.


To register your interest, please contact Jasmine Campbell, Coordinator of Accommodation Services at stat@disabilitytrust.org.au  


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