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My family have been receiving supports and attending programs from KidsWish for over thirteen years. Initially, my twin boys Jamie and Rhys were supported by the KidzWish Foundation by attending weekly sessions with occupational and speech therapists. Through therapy, the boys were able to join the Music and Dance program, which they loved attending. As the boys got older, they joined Sports Academy too. Every year they enjoyed the different outings offered by KidzWish, including visiting Taronga Zoo, going on a Sydney Harbour Cruise, Barefoot Bowling, and watching football at the Win Entertainment Centre. Of course, every year they attended the Christmas Party too, where they had so much fun!

KidsWish has played a very important part of my family’s life, as my boys feel safe and welcomed into the community and are provided with opportunities, I could not have given them myself. Jamie and Rhys are the youngest of seven children, and our lifestyle had to adapt after they were born. With their multiple disabilities and low immune system functioning, we were limited by where they could go and what they could do.

Our family camping trips stopped, as we needed to base ourselves around nearby hospitals always in case one of the boys had a seizure, which was unfortunately a frequent occurrence. If they went to a park or shopping centre, they were more susceptible to catching colds and other illnesses.

We have consulted with doctors all over the world, including England, France, Germany, Switzerland, and America, trying to get an exact diagnosis for all the conditions the boys have. The geneticist has run out of tests to perform, so until more tests are created, we are left in the dark.

Jamie and Rhys have been home schooled, and being at home all day every day became lonesome. Before we found KidsWish, finding inside activities for the boys to enjoy was a challenge. Since, it has been a haven for them. Currently, Jamie and Rhys are members of the KidsWish Rock Band. They had the opportunity to perform at the official KidsWish House Opening in May 2023, which was an amazing time for them. Over the years they have loved attending different programs and events, making many new friends. Other kids and the KidsWish staff have all become like family.

My favourite KidsWish memory would be watching my boys be so happy and full of life. They truly get so much enjoyment out of the programs. I cannot thank KidsWish enough for how much fun my boys have, as well as the other children attending the programs.

Pictured above: Louise with Jamie (left) and Rhys (right) and one of her daughters, Taleisha. 

Jamie and Rhys’ first live performance at the 2022 KidsWish Christmas Party


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